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Everything you need to know to become a digital nomad

Digital nomadism has become a global trend in the last few years with people travelling and working from beautiful places like Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia or European cities, such as: Lisbon, Budapest and Barcelona. Nowadays, with the growth of remote workers, the trend will spread faster than ever before, but what do you need to become a digital nomad?


First things first, money!

The first thing you need to do in order to become a digital nomad is to earn an income online. No money, no fun. There are 3 main ways to earn an online income: becoming a freelancer, working remotely for a company and managing an online business.


  • Freelancing is seen as one of the easiest ways to start working remotely, you need to have a skill that you can sell (Digital marketing, design, coding) and sell that skill as a service. You can start with marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr and grow your client base with time outside those platforms.
  • Working remotely for a company is a little more difficult due to the high competition, but as more companies are adapting to remote work this will be the new normal. Gitlab, Buffer and Doist have been hiring remotely for a long time and there are more and more companies like Twitter and Quora who are now starting to hire remote workers.
  • Starting an online business is the hardest of all three, as most businesses don’t have an immediate return and need time to grow. However, we see more and more entrepreneurs adapting to the online world with e-commerce stores, Dropshipping, online agencies, online education and several other business models. The beginning is hard, but the return over time can be significantly higher than trading your time for money.


So now you have an income, what’s next?

It is important that you start by understanding what you are looking for in each place you visit and how fast/slow you want to travel.

Most digital nomads are looking for a community of like-minded people, beautiful places to visit, exciting local culture and lifestyle, coworking spaces, outdoor activities and an affordable life standard. So always question yourself about the things that you want to find before looking for your next destination.

I strongly advise you to stay at least one month in each destination. Travelling slow is an art and digital nomads love to experience different places like a local and not like a tourist. Plus, everything tends to be cheaper if you buy 1-month packages, from stays to coworking places, monthly payments are the most cost-effective everywhere in the world. The longer you stay, the cheaper it gets.


Where to go?

If you are looking for a community of digital nomads and places that check all the boxes mentioned before, the best places in the world are Bali, Chiang Mai, Lisbon, Budapest, Playa del Carmen and Medellin. There are many more, but all of these have become big digital nomad hubs across the world, and you will easily find all the information you need to travel, live, work and connect with others, at the distance of a click.

One website you should always check before choosing the next place to go is Nomadlist. Here you will find prices, reviews and useful information about a huge range of different spots worldwide.


With these tools mastered, now it’s time to prepare and start embracing the digital nomad journey, connect with like-minded people in the most beautiful places in the world and enjoy your ride in this new lifestyle.

If Lisbon is in your short-list, take a look at Piece of Work. A coworking space in Campolide, a central neighborhood filled with local vibes and where community is a real thing.


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(article written in collaboration with Gonçalo Hall, founder of Remote Work Movement)


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