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Work in the time of COVID-19

We’re all tired of COVID-19, we’re sad about calling off our plans of holidays abroad, we’re desperate because, in order to look after our kids, we can’t focus on work or simply because our internet connection seems to be willing to test our patience. Besides, we miss chit-chatting with our colleagues – instead of our pets –, we miss brainstorming and exchanging ideas during coffee breaks and we dream about the very wished for return to normal, even if it is a “new normal”.

During this pandemic, our routines changed and we had to adapt to a whole new list of habits. However, it is important that these habits don’t limit the routine that keeps us happy at work and productive.

At Piece of Work Campolide, we’re conscious about those needs and in order to guarantee that you feel safe at your workplace and considering all the recommendations from DGS, we adopted a set of safety measures that we now share with you:


Rule 1 – Social distancing

We restructured the space so you can work within the recommended safety distance from your coworkers. We limited the capacity of our space and extended the possibility to book your workspace to our hot desk members.


Rule 2 – Protection equipment

We have masks and disposable gloves so you can work and use our space safely. Wearing masks is mandatory in common areas.


Rule 3 – Space maintenance

We disinfect all surfaces regularly and increased our maintenance team efforts to keep the space spotless.


Rule 4 – Ventilation

Our HVAC system is brand new, split by rooms and its filters are cleaned often. However, during this period, we privilege natural ventilation, keeping the door and windows open.


Rule 5 – Members and visitors

We installed a disinfecting mat at the entrance for you to clean your shoes and you’ll find several disinfection areas with hydroalcoholic gel available to disinfect when you enter and anytime you need to. We also have a contactless thermometer at the front-desk to check your body temperature.


Rule 6 – If there is a suspicion of infection

Our Community Team has attended workshops and knows how to handle a suspect case. We have an isolation room ready for that scenario.


Now that you have all this info and probably feel safer and more relaxed, we want to tell you we are looking forward to welcoming you and answering all your questions about how our space is working during this period. If you don’t feel like committing with a full month membership and would rather visit us only a couple of days a week, we have a flexible plan for you here.


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