Being productive when working remotely can be challenging for most of us. However, more and more people are looking into this new way of working. This might mean simply working from home or going for the popular option of choosing a coworking space.

It is quite common for young entrepreneurs and startup founders to prefer these options or even part-time work.

People are attracted to these solutions due to the flexibility of being able to balance between personal and professional life as well as reducing the costs of having a traditional office operation in place. Having said that, mismanaging this new freedom can bring additional challenges.

If you are currently working remotely or managing a team that does, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


1. Create routines and set deadlines

With working remotely come the flexible working hours. If your team works this way, your colleagues might all be working at different times, hence why it is important to create routines with them and having clear deadlines. You might want to set a deadline for a fixed time rather than a specific day, to guarantee everyone is on the same page.

Establishing clear deadlines is very important to create a good team routine, but you must avoid being too controlling. At the end of the day, the important thing is to create empathy and trust in your team, everything else will flow naturally.


2. Use the right tools to make it easier

Technology is your best bet. Look into tools such as Asana or Slack, these will help build those team routines and support remote teamwork.

These apps are perfect to improve your internal communication allowing you to easily share files, manage responsibilities, schedule meetings or calls.


3. Set weekly meeting and build relationships

Having part of your team working remotely is great, but it is still important for you know all your team well. Ideally, try to set an in-person weekly meeting for everyone to get together.

Physical contact will help you build relationship and create a better sense of community in your team, which is proven to improve productivity. For those meetings, look into a professional set up, perhaps by booking a meeting room in a coworking space. It is essential that all your team feels welcome and treated equally whether they work remotely or not.


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4. Give feedback

In order to maintain your remote team motivated, you must have regular feedback conversations, so these members don’t feel unnoticed and devalued. For a motivated and productive team, set some time to share ideas and discuss the projects you are working on. It is important to have open communication in your team.


5. Invest in your team career goals

It is important to set a growth mindset to your remote team. Give them an idea of the different opportunities within the company to motivate your team and increase their productivity. For those working remotely, this will make them feel integrated and give them the sense of belonging.


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