New working paradigms are currently popular on the job market. Remote work and flexible hours are two of these contemporary trends. Every day, more professionals and companies acknowledge the benefits of a better balanced and customized working model for their employees.

Remote work, already a common weekly presence in several companies, allows the employees to do their jobs from pretty much anywhere. Connecting with the company and their clients through the internet and, in some cases, performing their tasks in a more convenient schedule. (Farewell, good old 9 to 5!)

When well planned and executed, remote work and flexible hours contribute to improvements at several levels. Let’s take a look at some of them and explain you how some companies are adjusting to this reality.


6 Advantages of remote work and flexible hours


1. Stop worrying about commuting

Working remote enables you to comfortably execute your job from home. You can forget about the chaotic traffic jams, the long commute, bad weather conditions and your forever lost precious time. However, if working from home is not your cup of tea, you can still avoid the traveling and choose to work from a coworking space closer to your residence.


2. Increase your productivity

When you choose working remote, you become fully accountable for your tasks and routines. Despite having access to a flexible schedule, you will have to deliver your work with quality and on the defined deadlines. Therefore, you will naturally become more self-disciplined and there will be plenty of reasons to motivate your high-level performance. You will have more time and energy for your hobbies, to take care of your family and home affairs and run all those belated errands. Ideally, the cycle will start with an improved quality of life, towards the highest levels of motivation, and consequently, higher productivity. Other factors that may boost your productivity include working in quieter environments and in periods of the day, which you consider more efficient.


3. Reduce your expenses

Remote work and expenses reduction are directly corelated, either if you are the employee, or the employer.

As an employee, you will save on your commuting fuel – mainly if the company is based miles away from your residence – or public transportation passes. You will also save on your food expenses, especially if you don’t usually take your homemade meal to work and tend to choose eating out at a restaurant close to the office.

As an employer with a remote working operation, you will save on electricity, internet and furniture and equipment acquisition. You may even save considerably on your monthly office rent, since you won’t need such a big space to accommodate your team.


4. Become a more versatile professional

Back at the company’s HQ, you have colleagues available to help when you have questions, or you need some assistance. This is where remote work will demand more from you! Despite being in contact with your colleagues and clients, there will be plenty of situations when you will have to learn and make decisions independently.

You are not sure about what to do in a certain situation or how to perform a specific task assigned? Roll up your sleeves and be proactive! You will be automatically developing new skills, such as problem solving.


5. Enhance diversity

Remote work is based on communicating through the internet. That will open your door to a lot more people and experiences. If you are a freelancer, your clients’ and partners’ network won’t be limited to the geographic borders. In case you are an employee or the leader of a determined company, you can interact with colleagues from different cities and countries. The valuable diversity of ideas, perspectives and skills will be evident.


6. Work near those you feel good with

We have seen that working alongside other people can be quite beneficial. Flexible work allows you to be near your friends or family, even if you all have different occupations. You can also become a member of a coworking space where you will meet people from all industries and strengthen your network, creating more opportunities.


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