Nowadays, the commercial real estate market offers alternative solutions to the traditional office space leasing model to professionals. One of the biggest trends of this new era are coworking spaces, which can be distinguished from the rest because they provide turn-key solutions to their users.

These spaces have been reinvented according to the market needs and are no longer an option solely focused on accommodating freelancers or nomads. They are perfectly prepared to welcome bigger teams, with the possibility of renting a private office.

The benefits of a private office for your team in a coworking space might not be obvious, but trust us, there’s a lot to it! Today, we will share with you 5 reasons why you should choose this option to set up your company’s HQ.


5 Advantages of renting a private office in a coworking space


1. Everything will be sorted out

It is a fact! The biggest advantage of working in a coworking space is the turnkey service. When we decide to pull an idea out from a shelf and take our business outside of our own homes, there is a plethora of concerns and hesitations in our minds. Endless paperwork, unexpected expenses and deciding on what to do next is not always an easy job. If you’re starting your business or founded a startup and need an office for your team, coworking spaces might be the solution.

In an environment like this, you’ll have access to a set of amenities that will help you launch your business. Comfortable and fully equipped spaces, with all the essential services to guarantee that the operations of your company run flawlessly.

At Piece of Work, you’ll be able to rent a private office integrated in a collaborative environment like only coworking spaces allow. You’ll have fully furnished workspaces, daily cleaning services, high-speed wi-fi, welcome desk, dedicated phone lines, pantry, lounge, etc.


2. Very low initial investment

Besides having access to an all-included service, in a coworking space you won’t need to spend a huge amount on your initial investment. As you probably already know, when starting a business, expenses pile up and income may not be immediate, so this becomes one of the entrepreneurs’ biggest concerns. If you’re looking for a space with privacy, yet with a community and sharing spirit, choosing to rent a private office in a coworking space may be the best option.

At Piece of Work, besides having access to a less expensive space, than if you rented your own office, all expenses such as: water, electricity and internet are included in your membership fee. Even coffee, tea and fresh fruit will be available at no extra cost.


3. Professional environment in a space that fuels creativity

For a long time, coworking spaces were seen as laid-back places, aimed at the young workforce and mostly for creative industries’ professionals. Fortunately, this prejudice has long been gone and nowadays, coworking spaces welcome members of all ages and from the most diverse industries.

Thus, another great advantage of these spaces is that you will be able to work in a professional environment where your imagination is constantly being inspired and challenged by different points of view. Sharing a roof with professionals from different areas, where ideas bloom all the time, can be a great incentive to your individual creativity and an opportunity to develop your business.

The time when work was associated with very formal and serious places is long gone. In a space like Piece of Work, you’ll be able to work in your private office, while integrated in a professional environment where creativity flourishes.


4. Knowledge sharing among coworkers

Sharing and networking are two of the biggest advantages of working in a coworking space. The community atmosphere that is lived in the majority of shared working spaces is quite prone to exchanging not only knowledge, but also resources and services.

Setting up your company in a coworking space, even though you pick a private office membership, is the perfect option to let your business grow and increase your network.


5. Partnerships and new business prospects

Synergies that come from being part of a coworking space are endless. As mentioned earlier, besides being prone to sharing, these spaces are also ideal to generate new business opportunities.

Moving your company into a coworking space will increase significantly the possibility of meeting people from different sectors, setting partnerships and getting new clients. At Piece of Work, for instance, we’ve settled partnerships with local companies that offer our members services such as: legal advisory, accounting consultancy, workshops, development of new skills, mentoring, accommodation, catering and a few more surprises.


We’re ready to welcome your team in our space in Campolide, where your wellbeing is the main concern. You can choose our private office membership plan and benefit from a private space, able to accommodate teams with up to 20 people.

Despite being your workplace, at Piece of Work, we want you to feel part of our big family. For this reason, we are very focused in offering our members the best service. If you want to know more, take a look at our website or schedule a visit!





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