Nowadays, having a strong digital presence is one of the biggest quests for a successful business. If you’re either a freelancer, the CEO of a small company or the founder of a start-up, it is essential to take this into consideration.

Today, the importance of digital channels is absolute and evident. Let’s just observe that the majority of consumers, before taking any decision on the product they’re buying, uses online search engines to find information about it. Therefore, being well positioned online is essential to reaching results and achieving sales’ targets.

It is important to highlight that, as any marketing strategy, a good digital presence demands investment, time, good planning and commitment, but worry not… all that dedication will prove to be worthwhile once you start attracting more clients into your business.

Here are 5 essential tips to start working on your company’s digital presence:


1. Define realistic and mensurable goals

Working on the digital presence of a company only makes sense after defining a few mensurable goals. Besides, there should always be a defined timeframe during which it is expectable to obtain the results outlined.

These goals vary depending on the business area and on the phase the business is at that moment. In other words, it is natural that as the time goes by, the plans of your strategy might be adapted or changed. Actually, it is expected that it will happen, and that reflects evolution.

If your company has just begun, in order to start you should ideally define goals such as:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Provide essential informationabout your business;
  • Increase the number of leads(which will then become clients);
  • Create a relationshipwith your potential clients (in order to convince them to be loyal to your brand).


2. Be present on social media

If you want to improve your company’s digital presence, being on social media is absolutely mandatory. Social media is currently the biggest trend and it is essential to find a good way to integrate your business into these platforms.

Firstly, it is advised to understand which means are the most relevant for your company, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three main platforms and it is recommended that, at least, you try each one of them.

Facebook is still the most worldwide used social media, while Instagram has been growing substantially in the past few years. A good strategy would be using both of them simultaneously, since they complement one another.

After creating a profile for your company in these platforms, it is important to define a publications’ plan. Find good pictures that communicate well your brand and invest in diversified content.


3. Create relevant content about your business sector

Content Marketing is one of the main strategies for those who are looking forward to improving their company’s digital presence. Creating relevant content, that involves the community, is essential for the success of any business.

Everything that can be published to create a relationship with the audience, such a blog post, social media vlogs or website content, should be strategically planned and implemented. It is recommended to not only focus on the product or service, but to also invest in relevant content that might be in the area of what is being offered to the clients.


4. Build a website that suits your needs

For an effective digital presence, the creation of a website is probably the most important step. Apart from the presence in social media, the poor choice of pictures posted, or the fact that stories uploaded on Instagram aren’t very popular, it is essential that a company has a complete website. It should be both attractive and intuitive, and able to show all the information about the company.

Prior to buying, people usually research as much as they can about the products or services, as well as the faces behind them. Only a good website will be able to offer its clients all the info they need.

Tools such as Google Analytics are extremely important as it allows you to follow-up on your website’s performance, free of charge. Besides, through this platform, it is possible to understand how users interact with the website, which are the most visited pages, where are they coming from, among other interesting details.


5. Complete your company’s digital presence with an email marketing strategy

Email Marketing is another effective strategy to attract clients and increase the digital presence of companies. It is very important to have a consistent leads’ database to develop this channel. Thus, it should be possible to insert a field on the website directing to the subscription, or a form, where clients input their personal contact details in order to receive information about the company.

Email Marketing is an excellent way to communicate with clients and strengthen relationships. It is regularly used to send news about the products or services, communicating campaigns or diverse content that proves to be of interest to your audience.


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