If you’re looking for a coworking space in Lisbon to work and see your business bloom, then Piece of Work has all you need.

Nowadays, coworking spaces are almost everywhere. The trend of sharing an office space has been conquering market share for being a proved model for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups. Reduced costs, professional synergies, knowledge sharing and an increase on creativity are just some of the numerous benefits of coworking spaces.


If Uber and Instagram, two of the biggest examples of successful companies that started off from coworking spaces, grew in this environment, what are you waiting for?  The atmosphere that is present in these spaces may be the extra push you need to turn your idea into a successful company!


The new coworking space in Lisbon

Piece of Work sets up the difference for its community and its collaboration spirit. More than offering a workspace, it is a space to share, where members can always feel welcome and at home.

Located in a central neighborhood, POW Campolide intends to become a space where everyone can find the ideal balance between work and leisure time. Thought for creative and curious professionals, it focuses its attention on the well-being of its members offering them different moods and all the comfort. The membership plans are flexible and intend to meet all the different needs of each person and company.


Why choosing Piece of Work?

Set in the principles of sustainability, community and sharing, Piece of Work offers a true turn-key solution to its members. In this space, all you will have to worry about are your own business goals, we will deal with the rest.


Get to know the 5 reasons that make POW Campolide such a special place:


1. Sharing

Piece of Work is an advocate of a “sharing culture”, may it be knowledge, experiences, ideas or services, and fosters that philosophy among its members. The goal is to guarantee a more ecological usage of the resources, increasing everyone’s reach. In this coworking space, you will find more than just a place to work and “community” really fulfills its true meaning.


2. Community

Sharing, nurtures the sense of community and the creation of synergies. Piece of Work is a space inhabited by creative and interested people, promoting networking among them. For that, there are weekly workshops with a special emphasis on well-being and productivity in workspaces, as well as the presentation of new work methodologies. Besides, you can count on different moments to meet & greet and leisure, with a weekly community breakfast and happy hour.


3. Sustainability

Avoiding waste and superfluous consumption is one of Piece of Work mottos. For that, we seek to adapt to our member’s needs, providing flexible membership plans and a conscious usage of the space and resources available.


4. Comfort

To us, members’ well-being is always first. Therefore, you will always have the possibility to enjoy comfortable spaces, where you will feel truly at home in every moment of the day. Either in a work or leisure context, POW Campolide was designed to ensure and guarantee you feel happy and comfortable. Besides, and to improve the members’ experience, it has established a set of POW partnership collaborations to offer its community services such as: accounting consulting, legal support, accommodation in Lisbon, marketing services, etc.


5. Creativity

If you want to see your ideas flourish, there is nothing better than a workspace like Piece of Work. It was specially planned to work as the ideal ecosystem to host professionals whose minds are always booming, encouraging the permanent contact among members and the potential development of new creative ideas. Schedule your visit and come meet us.


Get to know Piece of Work



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