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We give you 7 reasons to work in a coworking space

Coworking spaces are growing. In Portugal, mainly in great urban centres like Lisbon and Porto, shared working spaces are increasing every day.  However, contrarily to what was initially the trend, not only freelancers seek places like these as an alternative to home office. Nowadays, the number of entrepreneurs and even corporations adopting coworking is soaring and there are several reasons to justify it.

Ideal for professionals from different sectors, who want great infrastructures at reduced prices with multiple services available, coworking spaces are here to stay. Here are 7 advantages of becoming a member of a coworking space.


1. Possibility of “renting” an office at a lower price

A coworking space allows those who work on their own to have an office space that provides comfort and an environment that encourages business. For example, if you’re a freelancer tired of running to the local library or the closest coffee shop, this can be an excellent option. In addition, due to the income instability, it might not be easy to compromise on a rental of a standard office space. Besides, the “open-space” philosophy is an advantage to engage with other members.


2. Worry-free

For those who prefer to focus all their attention on the business, setting free from the burden of dealing with logistics, coworking spaces are perfect. Besides services like water, electricity, internet and printers, you won’t have to worry with lengthy services’ contracts, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

In these spaces, you have access to all the necessary services for the development of your business - a comfortable and fully equipped space, often with reception, mail handling and phone services.

These amenities have been attracting a lot of companies (even international), that choose renting fixed desks or private offices in coworking spaces for their employees.


3. Double the motivation and productivity

For many, working from home has advantages, like comfort, saving time and the possibility of saving also on the monthly expenses with office space and meals. However, for others, home office is a synonym of a decrease on motivation and constant procrastination.

A lot of people say they can’t focus while working from home. Due to the aloneness and permanence in the same environment, motivation tends to plummet. The consequence of the lack of stimuli is, evidently, a nosedive on productivity.

A coworking space, shared with members from different industries, can work as an extra injection of enthusiasm. Therefore, if you’re creating your own start-up, take into account the possibility of moving into a coworking space. Having a motivated team will help you achieving the success you’re aiming at, sooner than you can imagine.


4. An environment where creativity is contagious

Working on your own often causes creative blocks. Being integrated in an environment where others are creating and developing their own ideas, stimulates creativity considerably. Even if the industries that members of the community work in are different, a workplace with more movement encourages diversity and the exposure to new concepts and work methodologies.

A coworking space allows its members to be in permanent contact, and constant exchange of ideas and experiences, setting up a very dynamic environment.


5. In a coworking space, sharing is imperative

Besides creativity, “open-space” fosters a more dynamic and collaborative culture. The possibility of sharing an office with other brands aligned with your goals and values, facilitates the creation of advantageous synergies which has been attracting a lot of companies to coworking spaces.


6. A network that grows day by day

The opportunity to create networking, due to the community environment that the majority of these spaces share, is another huge advantage. You can meet different people almost on a daily basis and engage on the activities these spaces often organize such as: talks, products’ launch, investors’ meetings and workshops.

This environment is very favourable to increasing your contact list and that is also the reason why entrepreneurs choose coworking spaces.


7. Professional environment

For quite some time, coworking spaces were associated to laid back environments, very focused on young and independent people. However, nowadays, they go way beyond that.

In a coworking space, it is possible to find a very professional environment, despite the casualness. The interiors include distinct areas dedicated to office work, meetings with clients/suppliers and leisure.

Besides, it is important to mention that your possibilities don’t end on shared desks. You can choose a private office to work with your team and take profit from the fully equipped meeting rooms and phone booths.


Coworking is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest trends in nowadays work market. If you’re looking for a place to work, either by yourself or with your team, an environment to share space and knowledge can be the best fit.

Get to know the new cowork in Lisbon and find out POW – Piece of Work, the ideal place for your business.





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    coworking space for startups

    5 Advantages of coworking spaces for startups

    The advantages of choosing a coworking space for your startup go way beyond the space itself. Shared offices promote networking and sharing. They are great places to develop new ideas, boost creativity, expand your contact list and foster synergies between entrepreneurs.

    In a coworking space, you will have the best environment to develop your business, and it should always excel on its quality and comfort, allying it to a modern and functional design.

    If you’re in the process of creating your own company, or if you already have had a team with you for quite a while, but you’re looking for a new place to work, choosing a coworking space might be the best option.


    5 Reasons to choose a coworking space for your startup


    1. “All-included” service

    Choosing a coworking space for your startup means you will have absolutely no worries. Usually, in places like these, you only need to choose your plan and space, gather your team and focus on your business. Red tape and facility management will be handled by the community managers.

    At POW, you will have services available such as: welcome desk, mail handling and guests’ welcoming. Whichever plan you choose, in this coworking spaces there are several advantages available to all members, no exceptions!


    2. Utilities and high speed internet included in your monthly fee

    Have you thought how convenient it would be to establish your company in an office with all expenses included? In coworking spaces, your monthly fee covers all the utilities such as water, electricity and internet. You won’t even need to worry with interior design and fit-out. All areas are fully equipped and furnished with desks, storage and chairs, in order to guarantee your comfort.


    3. You might have a private office or work in a shared space

    If you managed to develop your company to a considerable scale, you might prefer working in a private room. Contrary to the general opinion, a coworking space is not all about shared office area. Several buildings already offer the possibility of private offices.

    For a considerably lower amount than if you decided to rent your own office space the traditional way, you will be able to enjoy fully equipped spaces, private and with access to a share of services you wouldn’t have access to, for the same monthly fee.


    4. Networking

    This is probably one of the biggest advantages of working from a coworking space. Being a member of a space like this, you will have the possibility to explore and share experiences with your fellow entrepreneurs, which will very likely help your company achieve success faster.

    Through the synergies available, it is quite common that all members connect and exchange ideas and knowledge. Sharing services turns all resources more profitable.


    5. Become part of a big family

    Nowadays, it is quite common to find coworking spaces which main focus is the well-being and success of its members. POW is a new coworking space located in Campolide – Lisbon, and presents itself through the claim Piece of Work – Sharing energy and ideas. Here, we want to build a community and develop as such. We want to be the home of businesses and its people. And we want every day, to be a happy day. Therefore, we developed different areas – working and leisure – so that all members feel integrated in this community. Besides, we organize different events and initiatives for our members.


    Do you already have the info you need to choose a coworking space for your startup? The best way to get an answer would be through visiting our space. After you read all the advantages above, we believe that, at least, your curiosity was triggered. Accept our invitation and explore our website, get in touch and schedule your visit.





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      coworking space in lisbon

      POW is the new coworking space in Lisbon!

      POW – Piece of Work is a coworking space that will open this March in Lisbon.

      Located in Campolide, a central area of Lisbon, it occupies a total area of 550 sq. m and will have 50 hot desk seats and 50 fixed desks, either in private offices or open space.

      More than a space to work from, POW Campolide was designed for curious and creative people and focuses its effort in its members wellbeing and a steady community expansion. “Working like at home, outside of home” is the feeling that the founders want to share with those who join the community.

      At a moment when new coworking spaces are blooming in the city, POW wants to differentiate by the kind of products and services it offers its clients. With working areas thought to engage the coworkers, promoting the creation of synergies and business development among them, this space is prepared to welcome all different kinds of professionals.


      Coworking Lisbon


      A coworking space in Lisbon for all

      Cosmopolitan and comfortable, Piece of Work supports knowledge sharing, experiences’ exchange and community spirit. Therefore, it has a space prepared to welcome all different kinds of professionals, from freelancers to startup founders and SME’s owners.

      In this coworking space in Lisbon, it will be possible to work from a desk, meet with clients, have a private office or enjoy a moment of leisure and networking.

      There are three available membership plans – hot desk, fixed desk and private office –, with prices varying between €140 and €350/month. Besides these plans, there is also the possibility to subscribe a virtual office, which allows members to use the meeting rooms and includes mail handling and business address. The daily pass is another option and can be subscribed by anyone interested in having access to all services that POW offers to its members without a fixed monthly fee.

      POW’s members will also have access to amenities such as: welcome desk, high-speed internet, direct phone lines, events’ spaces, pantry, free tea, coffee and fresh fruit, 24h security, parking, lockers, among others.

      Piece of Work is a new coworking space in Lisbon that intends to be an added value to its members, offering an all included service. Working spaces that promote creativity, networking and sustainability, for a dynamic community of entrepreneurs.



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